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Summer Friendly Ultherapy in Atlanta

Summer Friendly Ultherapy in Atlanta

Sunscreen, sunglasses, a cold beverage and summer friendly Ultherapy. It’s the perfect complement to your summer, lifting and tightening skin while boosting collagen when other facial revitalization treatments keep you holed up inside. FDA approved and non-surgical Ultherapy is our best treatment to rejuvenate your skin during our steamy, sunny summer. Ultherapy has been such a huge success at LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic that Dr. Chapman has become the leading provider for Ultherapy® in the Atlanta Metro market.

Most of us are concerned with how we show the signs of aging. Some factors that influence visible aging are within our control, including sun exposure, weight changes, and smoking. Unfortunately the effects of gravity, genetics and gradual loss of collagen, which the skin needs to maintain youthful contours, are out of our control. Until now that is. Ultherapy can reduce various signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines. It enhances the production of collagen, and that results in tighter and more lifted skin on the whole face and neck area. As well, it can be used to treat specific areas such as jowls at the jaw line, lower or upper face, neck, the brow/forehead and the décolletage, or combinations of these areas depending on your areas of concern.

How Does Ultherapy Work?

Ultherapy works by making use of ultrasound. It generates images of the inner layers of the skin plus it shoots “life giving” heat into those layers. Without affecting the surface of your skin, Ultherapy delivers ultrasound energy to the deep layers of tissue. This heat stimulates collagen production, giving your skin strength and elasticity. And it is the collagen that firms and tightens the skin.

tighten neck skin Ultherapy, Atlanta

During treatment, it’s normal to feel some warm tingling on your skin, or a sensation similar to the snapping of a rubber band, but that only lasts during your session. After the treatment, you skin could appear flushed, red and a bit sensitive. These side effects are only temporary and should disappear in a few hours. You can feel confident in committing to Ultherapy, which is extremely safe and FDA-approved!

Prolong the Results of Your Ultherapy

Patients treated with Ultherapy will benefit from collagen stimulation between 1-3 years after the procedure, although the condition of your skin and the aging process will play a role in the longevity of your results. Patients may choose to have a touch up treatment at some point after the first year. How can you prolong the longevity of your treatment? By practicing good skin care and following these tips:

  • Avoid sun exposure during 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Always wear at least an SPF 30, even during fall and winter months
  • Reapply sunscreen every 90 minutes when you’re outdoors or swimming
  • Eat a healthy & balanced diet and drink plenty of water

LaserMed is proud to be one of the first providers of the Ultherapy treatment in the North Georgia area. If you feel that you could be a candidate for some uplifting summer skin rejuvenation, please contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Jean Chapman. LaserMed is conveniently located in Johns Creek and a quick drive from Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Sugar Hill, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Marietta and all parts of Atlanta.

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