Botox and Injectables 101

Botox and Injectables 101

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Many individuals look in the mirror each day and see mild to severe wrinkling on the forehead, between the eyes, and around the eyes. For some, that wrinkling is a constant reminder of the aging process, and they feel the need to “do something.”

Popular Solutions

Injectables, including Botox and Restylane, are popular temporary solutions for wrinkles. Since these products are often in the news, it’s natural for people to consider them as treatment options. However, before making an appointment for, there is one important item to consider.

Call Dr. Jean Chapman

First and foremost, it is always wise to seek treatment from an experienced doctor. At LaserMed Aesthetic Center, Dr. Jean Chapman has studied facial anatomy and is a skilled injector who serves on the National Teaching Faculty for Fillers and Botox. Dr. Chapman knows that each patient is unique. She adjusts the injection procedure for each individual she treats. Make your first appointment with Dr. Chapman, an expert injector, and put your mind at ease.

The Consultation

Reading general information about Botox and other injectables before your first appointment may be helpful. When you get the the LaserMed Aesthetic Center, you will be greeted and shown to a treatment room for your consultation where Dr. Chapman will study your facial features, ask questions about your aesthetic goals, and answers any and all questions you have about the products, treatment outcomes, and downtime. Dr. Chapman’s “bedside” manner is impeccable. She is dedicated to giving her patients a 5-Star experience at LaserMed Aesthetic Center.

close up portrait of a beautiful older woman smiling with hatOne Common Question

One question patients often ask is, “Am I too young for injectables?” The truth is if the wrinkles bother you, it’s not too early. Many individuals practice what is known as proactive treatment. Even at the age of 24, if your skin is relaxed and there are lines, you may be a candidate for early treatment which will delay the need for surgery down the road.

Before the Treatment

Before the injections begin, Dr. Chapman discusses the effects of Botox or other injectables with you. No matter which treatment you are having, the results take a while to process. Botox can take up to 14 days to take its full effect. With Juvederm, collagen builds and the skin continues to smooth and get fuller. You will have to be patient to see the result. If you have questions, you can always call the LaserMed Center.

Treatment 411

The treatment begins with cleaning the area to be treated. Dr. Chapman customizes placement of the injectable to deliver the best possible outcome. She may ask you to “make a face” or “squint your eyes” to help her place the medication. There will be several injections, and each one feels like a pinch. There is not much pain associated with Botox. With other injectables, Dr. Chapman applies a numbing cream. Several of the products also include numbing agents, which last several hours after treatment to improve the patient’s comfort level. The procedure can take 10-30 minutes depending on the type of treatment the patient chooses.


You may have a bit of redness or a bump at the injection site after the treatment is concluded. These are temporary. Application of an icepack before leaving the office generally takes care of these. Sometimes there can be a bit of bruising. TV has popularized the notion that “eye-droop” is a common occurrence after Botox; the truth is, it is quite rare. Dr. Chapman will give clear post-treatment instructions which you must follow carefully. After the treatment, you can call the office at any time if you have a concern or question. The area will have to be retreated periodically to retain its smooth appearance.

Take the time today to face any fears you may have about injectables and make an appointment for a consultation with a pro, Dr. Jean Chapman, at LaserMed Aesthetic Center. At your appointment she will answer your questions and address your doubts. If wrinkles are spoiling your self-image, call us today. Dr. Chapman’s office serves patients in the Johns Creek area including Roswell, Milton, Alpharetta, Cumming, and Duluth.

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